Wharton Chimes in on the Power of Digital Marketing

I'm excited to read that my former bschool Profs are seeing what I'm seeing! And to realize that I've put in to practice, with effectiveness I might add, the theories I learned a few years ago is an exciting thing -- so exciting in fact that I commented (see Digital is More Value-Adding...) back to them. As I mentioned in my comment to the recent K@W article (and recently in this blog, too), digital marketing tools level the playing field in such a way that small startups can build brands quickly and generate high quality, predictable leads at low costs.
The net result? Small firms can truly compete with much larger, entrenched competitors. The impact of these digital tools and processes is dramatic, particuarly in the IT subsegments, as customers still look for new ways to maintain the pace of innovation and receive value from a wide variety of suppliers in a era of market consolidation.

Speak with you soon. DC