Talk About Blue

It was an amazing day in Tampa today. As Kronk says, "Hey d'ya see that sky today? Talk about blue." On the day before Fathers Day, I once again enjoyed being a husband and a father. The rest of the world seemed a million miles away and it was a wonderful thing. God is so good and Im so grateful. John 4:14

Speak with you soon. DC


Social Marketing

Duct Tape has a nice summary on this topic. And no, its not just because I like funnels :) With blogs at the bottom of the social pyramid, the progression to microsocial (or 1:1) is a straighforward (yet not simple???) progression. Easy, right?

But I ask -- for small businesses and enterprises alike, the key "top of the funnel" or base of the pyramid activity requires input, er blogging, so how do you persuade your key leadership to join the discussion if they dont WANT to? Expect internal debates, despite the fact that your customers and competitors are doing it (which isnt enough to coax your thought leaders, not to mention that they ignore the fact that its maximum reach for minimum effort and cost). Blogging is personality. Blogging is raw. Blogging can be very uncomfortable because blogging is full disclosure. And sometimes your most valuable leaders simply dont want to be exposed. So you better have a Plan B to reach your social marketing goals. And you better have a response to counter the obvious negative impact of NOT being in the blogsphere.

Does anyone disagree?

Speak with you soon. DC


What is the role of Marketing?

This is a fundamental question for any Marketer. You better have a good answer. I work at a startup ISV and I have a good answer because I'm asked the question on a weekly basis. My biggest challenges? How to retain the best talent to implement the Marketing strategy and how to align my business to achieve optimal results, oftentimes on a shoestring budget. It forces managerial discipline and it requires ongoing research to stay in tune with the latest tools, trends, and techniques.

I think I'll start a series of posts on this very important topic. And I'll share my answer to this post question in my next posting (hint: imagine the guy in this photo is an Inside Sales Rep at any company or see my winter post). Let me know if you have any preliminary thoughts before I get started.

Speak with you soon. DC