Page Titles and SEO

A recent internal discussion is prompting this posting.  In my opinion (thats all SEO really is, really), the page title weighs heavily in the algorithms of all the major search engines.  So to help you in your efforts, here's what to look for:

  1. Include an accurate, keyword-rich page title of about 7 words
  2. Exclude transition words (and, the, a etc.) in the title – they just waste space
  3. Include a unique title for each page

Note that the title is the first and probably the only thing the searcher will look at in the search results, but having a keyword list as title might get you listed higher (if you're not penalized), but it's less likely to get clicked than a well structured title.

Consider this syntax:

In the HEAD section of the site add:

<title>Your Keyword-Rich, Descriptive Page Title Here</title>

Hope you find this useful.  Speak with you soon.  DC


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Speak with you soon. DC