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Speak with you soon. DC


Simply Amazing To Me

As I'm preparing myself for a few blogs, I can't help but comment on a topic that seems to be so pervasive. Does anyone really feel any better that ADIA shored up market "confidence" with their massive Citi investment? When will the nasty "I" word start making it's way into the more mainstream press? And if gas weren't $100/bbl, I wasn't paying $3/gal, and didn't just pay a "ton" of money for 3 months of flag football for my son, then perhaps I wouldn't be shaking my head at this one...and yeah, right, we don't have any inflationary pressure. Anyone interested in buying some Florida swampland?

Speak with you soon. DC


I'm Here!

Thinking about my posts......and I'm also thinking about Poe's Tell Tale Heart and Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five as I do. Perhaps you'll enjoy their writings as much as I do.

Speak with you soon. DC