Dont Underestimate the Power of Team

In business, its very difficult to compete with the rest of the market. Others are bigger, with more resources, and they have better processes and products. So how to keep up? Hire smart people (not sure Ballmer gets this one). Hire people who can work well with others. If they have relevant experience in your vertical market, hire them, but dont wait for that.

Ive learned over the years that the best Teammates are smart and personable. Why? Two simple reasons: 1) they are smart enough to solve difficult business problems and 2) they are able to work cross functionally to accomplish difficult tasks.

But what about the vertical market expertise? Its less important compared to items #1 and #2 above. Why? Smart, personable people are easy to train and play nicely in the sand box. No question about it.

What do you look for when hiring talent? What skills/competencies do you try to develop in your people? Let me know.

Speak with you soon. DC


I'm back

It's been a long few weeks, but suffice to say I've learned a lot. And it has nothing to do with professional development, but instead, it's all about life management and glorifying God. The power of His hand is humbling, as is His reminder of the importance of fellowship and good works.

Speak with you soon. DC