Dont Try to Fool Google

A recent blog by Naomi Grossman highlights how smart the Google Ph.D. Team truly is. In the new world of search marketing, paid search is king. But natural search is queen. And both rely on black-box (really) technology. So a recent "gaming Google" case, highlighted by Robin Goad, is probably an exception rather than the rule. When a marketing Team (presumably) tried to increase page ranks for their site by paying for "independent evaluations" from the blogsphere, Google caught them, and slapped them hard. To see their rapid fall from grace is nothing short of shocking. How did Google catch them? Does it matter? I'm speculating but I'm probably close based on what I've heard and what I've read. And more importantly, it's an obvious rule (obvious to some of us!) not to try and game Google...they are everywhere and they know everything. It's their game. Their rules. Their field. Their ball. But they do provide the rule book (except for those pesky algorithms). We all get an equal chance to play and most of us even have a good time, but at the end of the day, they are responsible for grooming the infield, sweeping the stands, and getting the ballpark ready for the next game on the following day. If they have to get rid of a few broken bats, too, I'm ok with that.

Speak with you soon. DC