Marketing SCRUM

I was exposed to this funny SCRUM term while working at a dev shop – I heard them referring to SCRUM but dont really recall seeing the progress.  As a VP, and as I understood the intent of SCRUM, I thought I would have been part of the prioritization team.  Alas. 

Recently, however, Ive seen SCRUM in action.  First, from an IT perspective, Ive seen it used to manage IT projects.  And lately, Ive rolled it out to my team to help prioritize and manage marketing campaigns.  Its early, but already very effective.  We are into our 2nd sprint, and here are three things Ive learned:

  1. Determine your maximum story points AFTER you determine your monthly run rate of baseline activities (ie, reporting, existing campaign maintenance, etc.)
  2. Prepare for piling on
  3. Stick to your guns (especially in reference to #2)

If you follow these three things, you have a shot at completing your sprints and delivering value to the company.  With so much emphasis (and ignorance of the marketing process) on doing more with less, delivering value to your company is paramount to your individual and team success. 

Thoughts?  Input?  Id welcome it from Marketeers, Developers, and Project Managers!

Speak with you soon.  DC