What if the NFL Draft was More Like Grade School Kickball

I get it. I played high school football in Penna. And in western PA, to add emphasis. The NFL draft is a chance for teams to reload -- pick the best player on your board, regardless of need. Owners need a return on their investment. And fans want to watch winning teams. But at what cost? Don't we want the wins to occur the right way? Aren't we using some of these games to teach our kids how to play the game?

In my new version of the NFL draft (I haven't really thought it out and I'm not sure what the new rules should be, how to implement them, or if they would materially affect the games), some of the marginal players with "character issues" would be ineligible to participate. Much like in 1st grade when the bad kids got detention and the really bad kids got kicked out, regardless of their kickball ability, the real "bad" college football guys would simply be removed from draft eligibility. Sometimes, your first offence eliminates your opportunity for a second chance. And a slide from the first round to the fifth round isn't the same as detention (obviously a hit to the pocketbook isn't enough of a deterrent) so other "lesser" players would rise in the rankings.

Would it be so bad for the game to get more hardworkers who happen to think of others? In 1st grade, we also wanted the best kids to be on our team, but they couldnt be inside cleaning blackboards or clapping erasers because of "character issues" and they couldnt be jerks either. Do you remember those days? It was pretty fun, wasnt it?

Speak with you soon. DC