Home Run Physics

Lately I've been focused on transferring an important piece of knowledge to a group of 6 year olds: how to hit a baseball. Finding the sweet spot. To those who don't know what I'm talking about, there are few greater joys in baseball than seeing a boy (or girl) hit their first ball without the use of a tee; to those of you who know, enough said.

One of the wonderful things about Florida is 12 months of baseball. I could do this every day. And while Alan Nathan continues to inspire me (even though he's a Princeton guy AND a RedSox fan) with his practical application of research to America's pastime, the simple fact that a 6 year old CAN hit a 25 mph baseball pitch is nothing short of amazing. Yeah, it's all physics, I know. But it is so fun to watch some of these kids hit the fence (ie, good bat speed, optimal takeoff angle, and maximum backspin, right Dr. Nathan?). And being a witness to this marvel of children, many times I've found myself a million miles away from performance reviews, goal tracking, marketing, shipping deadlines, and the daily drudgery of the office, which is not a bad thing. It helps to not only keep me sane, but also stay grounded.

Speaking of fielding grounders, uh, that's a bit more difficult of a task for these 6 year olds! What keeps you grounded? And when was the last time you hit a baseball?

Speak with you soon. DC