Remarketing & Lead Nurturing: 3 Lessons Learned

I still try to offer practical, hands on tips for the technology marketer and this is a powerful set! Assuming you use a remarketing tool to automate your remarketing effort, here are 3 tips to ensure you are quick out of the gate and effectively delivering more sales opportunities (as measured by incremental opportunity conversions of qualified leads, in both % and $):
  1. Develop several working templates - HTML v text, whitepaper v product trial v financial incentive, custom v general
  2. Measure your delivery frequency - goal v actual, bimonthly v weekly
  3. Integrate where possible with your other marketing tactics - is your marketing plan truly integrated?
And this all assumes that you code/track your lead sources and that you capture/integrate your leads directly to your CRM tool.

Hope this helps. More on remarketing in future posts. Speak with you soon. DC