Do You Understand Link Building, Keywords & Anchor Text?

We know the power (and importance) of link building. So while I was reading a few good SEO posts at seomoz, it reminded me that I promised a link building post of my own. Simply put, to build effective SEO, it’s important to be consistent when working on internal links, anchor text, and keywords. Perhaps an illustration will help convey my point.

Suppose you own a company that sells toys (with "toys" being the most generic word for the company’s products) and the company’s website is toysabc.com. Pick four keywords (KW) to drive your anchor text efforts.

The illustration below presents a suggested link structure, rich with anchor-text-laden keywords, that should help drive higher page rank scores and improve average times on your toysabc.com site.

Obviously, your architecture needs to support subpage folders and your Marketing Team still needs to complete the fundamental work in your keyword research efforts.

I hope this helps. Speak with you soon. DC