Embrace Competition...or Disappear

Where better to test your marketing messages and the positioning of your products and services? If they don't hold up after your objective (it has to be an honest assessment) competitive evaluation, why would your customer care about you? If it isn't distinguishing from your competition, then why would your customer switch? Seth Godin (again) writes a very short, but impactful, post and it reminded me that there are few things more important than a comprehensive market anlaysis or an effective product positioning. If these aren't completed correctly or often enough, then it doesn't really matter how strong the Exec Team is, how many features release x.y has, or what the name of the latest strategic partner is.

Don't let the speed of the market distract you from the marketing fundamentals and don't forget to look around every so often to see who is driving beside you (or in front of you) -- your brand will thank you.

Speak with you soon. DC